The Parenthood Pendulum- READ BY THE AUTHOR

The Parenthood Pendulum will help you navigate through life choices and follow a path that will lead to your most fulfilled life. The women of today are now facing the option to choose alternative lifestyles and no longer expected to conform to the traditional way of life; marriage, children, and running a household. With this societal shift, I believe there is a need for empowerment, support, and confidence to decide what choices are best for each individual. This will not only be relatable content to the childless population but helps eradicate misconceptions placed by society and hopefully can aid in bridging the gap between those who want & have children and those with opposing perspectives. Throughout the book, you will read quotes from the numerous women and men that I had the privilege to confabulate with and they fearlessly shared it all and I know you will find their stories wildly different and yet, equally inspiring. I am forever grateful to the contributors for using their voice to help reform the narrative of what it is to be childfree and what parenting really entails.

The Parenthood Pendulum- READ BY THE AUTHOR

dal 23 settembre 2021
al 23 settembre 2021
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